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05/04/2021 1 Comment(s)

Today is the day we're finally moving to our new site. It's a much needed update that we've been working on since those bizarrely normal pre-covid days, so we're over the moon to finally welcome you here!


Hopefully you've already had some information on the switch over from our player group or via the old newsletter system, but we're aware that not all of these messages will have got through to everyone (trying to get in touch with you all has been a good reminder of why we're so ready for this move!), so here's a quick new site FAQ to help settle everyone in:


1. ARRRGH! Why won't my login work??


Unfortunately we are unable to move existing accounts over to the new server. This means you will need to set up a new account - we know this is an extra step for you, so as a thank you, we're offering all new accounts a free booster pack with their first order over £10 - simply use the code firstorder at checkout and we'll add it to your order.* If you've already signed up, it will likely be the usual user name/ password reset issues, but if those do not work, please get in touch and we'll try to help.


*Offer valid for one use per customer/ account. If you've already ordered items and not used the code it will still be valid on a future order.


2. What happens to the order I just placed on your old site?


All orders will still be recieved and processed as usual. We'll still have access to your account details, order history etc. over at* for the few weeks whilst we complete the site transition, and we will retain access to it for a short while after it goes offline. 

*This domain is currently transferring to the new site - please email if you need us to check anything for you whilst we sort out the transfer behind the scenes.


3. What about my data?


Once the old site goes offline (see question 2), we'll retain access to your records for a few months whilst we tie up any necessary behind the scenes business processes (primarily completing and tracking orders). Once this is no longer necessary, the site will be archived, then when appropriate, deleted. Your privacy rights wll be unnafected by this - if you wish to have your account deleted at any point, please email


4. I can't see the cards I want on the new site - what do I do?


With many thousands of items to transfer, it's going to take us a little while to transfer our inventory over. However, our classic restock request button is once again functional, so you can use that and we'll prioritise the cards you want. You will also be able to see inventory up on the old site at* for a few weeks, and can make dual site orders - just select one of them to have curbside/ collect in store shipping and leave a note in the comments - we'll combine your orders for you when we pack them.

*In case you skipped question 2... This domain is now transferring to the new site - please email if you need us to check anything for you whilst we sort out the transfer behind the scenes.


5. What about my store credit?


All store credit accumulated with ourselves is still valid - simply let us know when you've set up a new account and we'll transfer your credit over. You'll then be able to see it in your account and apply it to orders yourself.


6. Can I trade in cards?


Yes! The new site makes this much simpler - add the items you're interested in trading/ selling to us to your Buy Cart* and we'll confirm your order, then you send them in as standard. For more information see our sell and trade to us page.


*We recommend you do this as a separate transaction to purchasing cards, to avoid mix ups. If you're not sure, you can always contact us and we'll do our best to help!


7. I've spotted some issues on the site/ I'm still confused! What should I do?


Please get in touch with us through all the usual channels - email ( or direct message through our Facebook page are usually best for a quick response. 


8. Are you open yet?

Not so much a new site question, but one we've been getting a lot, so in short, yes! We're not yet running regular hours or in store play due to covid staffing limitations, but we are welcoming customers in store - so please contact us if you'd like to come in to our Birmingham store. The best place to hear about play updates is either here on the blog, or via our Facebook player group. We're also hoping to make better use of the newsletter function on this site, so check that you've signed up in your account settings!


We hope you enjoy using the new site as much as we do, and thanks again for all your support,

Best wishes,

The Manaleak Team

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05/29/2021, 10:48:53 AM
Reply, any chance this "article" isnt lost to time / website porting?

Leila Howl:
06/05/2021, 03:56:04 PM

Hi Stefan, of course! We should be able to get that up over the next few weeks.

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