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Manaleak are hiring!


We've opened applications for a part time staff member to run our weeknight evening events. Full details are below - please read carefully before applying. Any questions regarding the role can be sent to us via our contact form, or directly emailed to info@manaleak.com.


The Role


We’re looking for a front of house staff member to run and maintain our shop and gaming area during our evening events. The role will also require you to take in trades and make sales, as well as general front of house maintainance and customer service.


Hours: 4:30pm-11:30pm, Wednesdays and Fridays* each week.
*Ideally we are looking to hire one person for this role, however we are open to a job share across these hours for the right candidates. Please let us know in your application if this is preferable or necessary for you.


Pay rate: £80 per shift, plus statutory holiday pay (5.6 weeks per year pro rata).


Once established in the role there will be potential for additional hours as we rebuild our weekend event schedules. We are also happy to offer support within the role for individuals keen to train for Judging qualifications (primarily MTG’s Judge Academy and Flesh and Blood Judge Hub).


What are we looking for?


Required Attributes:


  • Confident, polite, approachable and friendly with customers and players from all backgrounds and formats;
  • Able to learn and follow systems accurately – both computer and paper-based – in order to process cards and run events, plus follow basic routines for front of house set up and maintenance during shifts;
  • An enthusiasm for gaming! Including...
  • Familiarity with trading card games (TCGs) – preferably Magic: The Gathering. We can consider applicants with a comprehensive knowledge of other TCGs (e.g. Flesh and Blood or Pokemon).


Desired Attributes (i.e. we'd like these, but they're not necessarily dealbreakers!):


  • Work experience in customer facing roles – bar work, waiting tables, event coordination;
  • Experience handling cash and/ or card payment systems;
  • Experience handling MTG and/ or other TCG singles for trades or sales (e.g. personal trades on Card Market, trade groups, or working at other hobby games stores);
  • Previous experience as a Tournament Organiser or Judge, or an interest in working to join MTG and / or F&B Judge programs (or rejoining, if lapsed)…
  • …Or simply an enthusiasm for paper magic and/ or other TCGs and ideas to grow our local gaming scenes, with the drive to put these ideas into action.


It might seem obvious, but working in a gaming shop is very different from playing the games!

This role requires a strong, independent work ethic as well as capacity to respond professionally to new situations and an enthusiasm for supporting and growing our in-store play scenes.

Since we’re a primarily Magic: The Gathering singles seller, our ideal candidate will have existing experience with the game and at least a basic understanding of handling the paper cards. Magic has a broad playerbase, so we’re open to applications from players from all formats and backgrounds – whether you’ve been playing casual Commander in your sitting room or grinding the RCQ circuit. A lot of the skills required for this role can be taught and gained through experience, so we’re also open to applications from individuals with experience in other TCGs, however some basic familiarity with MTG will be preferable, as it can be a steep learning curve!


We will also train you up on our systems for processing sales of singles and sealed products, and processing trades via our website and Open Cart system. Given that errors are costly and time consuming, a good level of focus and accuracy, plus basic computer literacy will be necessary to keep up with the job.


Who do we think will apply?


Due to the hours on offer, we see this role as an ideal ancillary job for an individual with outside commitments, such as a parent or carer with daytime caring requirements, a student working around their studies, or a freelance/ part time worker or retiree looking to supplement their income. Alternatively, this role might suit an individual keen to support the local gaming community in a non-playing role.


Inclusion statement: An open and inclusive attitude to the players we welcome into our store is core to our business ethos, and we aim to extend this approach to our employees.

We are keen to receive applications from people of all backgrounds, particularly from individuals of ethnicities and genders currently underrepresented within the general gaming community. Likewise, we're happy to consider individuals with employment breaks in their cv - these are very common and we'd rather hear honestly about your experiences. We know it’s easy to overthink these things and self-reject, so you think this job is for you please do send us your application – we’d love to hear from you!


How do I apply?


Please send an up to date CV and contact details (email and telephone number – either on the CV or cover email) to Leila and James at info@manaleak.com.


A brief cover email including some basics on your gaming experience and/ or why you’d like to work with us would be appreciated to give us a sense of who you are. As an optional extra, feel free to include any personal or community projects or areas you’d be keen to develop with us. A template is included below, although feel free to freestyle if that feels more natural!


Please email any questions to info@manaleak.com, or through our contact form.


Suggested Application Template


Email Heading: Job Application: Event & Shop Staff (PT)


Dear Leila and James,


Please find attached a copy of my CV [please do check this is attached!!]

I’ve played [gaming experience/ interests].

I’m interested in the role because [how will it work for you?].

I believe [identify appropriate attributes/ experience] make me suitable for this role.

[Optional:] I’d love to help develop [identify any particular formats, community groups or personal goals you’d like to work with us on].

I can be contacted at this email address [please copy it in] and by telephone at [number].


Kind regards, etc.

Interviews and further details:


We’re hoping to hire for this role in the next few weeks. Applications will be open until close of Monday 15th May, and we’ll be contacting people for interview shortly after this date – or earlier if we get sufficient suitable applications.


We’re a relatively informal company, so if you are invited to interview feel free to come dressed in whatever’s comfortable (jeans and t-shirt is fine!).


We’ll talk through what is involved in the role, and ask:

  • How you will fit into the role personally (i.e. we want to get to know you a bit as a person);
  • What you can offer to the shop in terms of specific skills (i.e. is the role one we think you’ll be suited to) and what areas might you need additional training or support with;
  • What will you bring to the shop in terms of growth moving forward (i.e. how will you help us develop our community and events – either in event range, developing our core player base or increasing event frequency and/ or turnout - what are your specfic interests and capabilities that will support our player community);
  • How will you help make these ideas work, and what support would you need from us? (ideas are great, but they need to be actioned to make a difference!)?

We look forward to hearing from you... or if this role isn't for you, but you have friends or family who it might suit, please share it with them.


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