WPN Qualifier (Modern) for Legacy European Tour (Saturday 18th March)

WPN Qualifier (Modern) for Legacy European Tour (Saturday 18th March)
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This item purchases one entry to our WPN Qualifier for Legacy European Tour (Round 3 - Athens). Find out more at https://legacyeuropeantour.com/ and on the Wizards site.


Please note, £30 is our preregistration price for this event. Event entry on the day (including sign ups after midnight Friday 17th March) will be £35.


This event will be run as Modern format at Competitive REL. Please ensure your deck and sideboard are Modern legal with no proxies or potentially marked cards - you can find the full list of Modern legal sets and links to the latest ban list at https://magic.wizards.com/en/formats/modernDecklists will be required for this event and can be emailed in advance to info@manaleak.com. Any paper lists submitted on the day should be clearly written and legible - we will have paper decklist sheets available in the morning. All participants in this event must have a Wizards Account. You will be asked to sign in to Wizard's Companion App - please have this downloaded on your phone and set up an account in advance of the event to avoid any delay or stress in the morning! If you do not have a mobile phone with capacity to run the app, please let us know in advancePlayers must be 13+ to qualify, with 13-18 year olds requiring written parental consent - please ensure you have this before booking your spot!


Prize structure will be proportional to the number of player attending and will be calculated on the day based on player numbers - more players = more prizes.


At 32 players, we anticipate the following prize structure:

- 1st place for each day wins a spot at a Legacy European Tour Championship, foil promo Thing In The Ice and a £200 bursary* to help get you there. 

- 2nd will receive £100 store credit or 1 x Standard legal booster box.

- 3rd & 4th will receive £50 store credit or 1/2 Standard legal booster box.

- 5th-8th will recieve £25 store credit or 1/4 x Standard legal booster box.

- 2nd-8th will also receive a non-foil Thing In The Ice promo.

- All tournament attendees will receive a non-foil promo Mystical Dispute, issued on a first come, first serve basis. Priority will go to players who have preregistered, followed by registration order in store.


*Cash bursary is linked to the invitational spot - in the event of a prize split, this will be offered as store credit to the non-winning player.


We anticipate this event to run 5-7 x 50 minute rounds of Swiss, dependent on numbers, followed by 3 rounds of top 8 knockout.


Round 1 will start promptly at 11am, with the shop open from 10am for registration. Due to the competitive nature of this event, late arrivals will be penalised, so please check your journey and allow plenty of time to get here! With this event likely to run until 8 or 9pm, an official lunch break may not be practical (this will be decided on the day); we do sell a range of snacks and hot and cold drinks in store, however you may wish to bring some food for between rounds, especially if you are playing a deck that tends to run longer. You are very welcome to bring your own food into the shop, although we do ask that any rubbish is put into the bins provided.


Due to the increase in covid numbers and the number of players travelling from accross the country, masks will be recommended for this event.

If you have any medical needs that may be affected by this, or any additional support needs regarding access, play, etc. please let us know as early in the sign up process as possible and we'll do our best to support you for a positive play experience.


We have a wide range of MTG singles and accessories available online and in store - please do take some time to browse the site! If you need singles to play with on the day, please preorder as early as possible and by midday on Friday 2nd December at the latest, so we have time to pick your cards ready for collection when you arrive. We have sleeves, play mats and deckboxes available in store. Please do not bring cards to buy or sell at our event - anyone buying or selling cards on the premisis will forefeit their place in the event and be asked to leave immediately.


We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming store for all players, and will not tolerate any form of aggression, ableism, sexism, racism or homophobia - any player whose words or actions put another player or member of staff at risk will be asked to leave immediately. 


If you are unable to make this event after signing up, please contact us - for cancellations made by 11:59pm Thursday 16th March, tickets will be refunded in full; any cancellations after this time (i.e. Friday or Saturday) will be issued as store credit. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, simply not turning up on the day will void your entry without refund. Do note that cancellations cost us as a business, so please check you are able to attend this event prior to booking.


For more updates, we recommend following this event on Facebook and joining our player group for the most up to date store announcements.

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