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Strixhaven Set Booster Box

Strixhaven Set Booster Box
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Class is now in session. Choose your Strixhaven college and play the new Magic set today.


This product contains a factory sealed display box of 30 Strixhaven Set Boosters.


Set Boosters are designed for those times where you just want to kick back and crack open a pack of cards. They're fun to flip through and contain all sorts of surprises. In each 12-card booster, you'll find:


1 Mystical Archive card (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)

1 Lesson card of any rarity

1 Traditional foil card of any rarity*

1 Card from The List in 1 out of 4 boosters

(*This includes global Mystical Archive cards in all non-Japanese Set Boosters, and both global and Japanese alternate-art Mystical Archive cards in Japanese Set Boosters.)


Plus, you get a delightful art card, 1 in 20 of which feature a foil-stamped logo or artist signature!

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