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Mirrodin Besieged - Complete Set of All 4 x Intro Decks
[MBS Sealed]

This item is as detailed in the product title.

  • Mirrodin Besieged

    Steel Yourself for War

    Set Name Mirrodin Besieged
    Block Set 2 of 3 in the Scars of Mirrodin block
    Three-Letter Abbreviation MBS
    Number of Cards 155
    Release Date February 4, 2011
    Prerelease Events January 29-30, 2011
    Launch Parties February 4-7, 2011
    Design Team Mark Gottlieb (lead)
    Gregory Marques
    Ken Nagle
    Mark Rosewater
    Mike Turian
    Development Team Erik Lauer (lead)
    Ryan Dhuse
    Zac Hill
    Tom LaPille
    Mike Turian

    Key Selling Points

    RETURN TO MIRRODIN: The Scars of Mirrodin block marks the return to a world of twisted metal first seen in 2004. The orginal Mirrodin block is one of the most popular and successful in Magics history. 

    NEW MECHANICS: While Mirrodin Besieged will build on some of the themes and mechanics introduced in the original block and in Scars of Mirrodin it will also introduce new, exciting game mechanics that should have the player base buzzing. 

    NEW FAT PACK: The classic Magic Fat Pack receives a new configuration with the release of Mirrodin Besieged. Fat Packs will now contain nine boosters (instead of eight), 80 land cards (instead of 40), a Spindown life counter, a players guide, a card storage box, and two 60-card deck boxes. 

    NEW EVENT DECKS: New with Mirrodin Besieged are Event Decks. These 60-card decks come with a 15-card sideboard and are perfect for use in Standard play tournaments like Friday Night Magic or Game Day celebrations. They also come with a Spindown life counter and a reusable card box. Please note: The two versions being released for Mirrodin Besieged will be released on February 25, 2011 just in time for Game Day! 

    INTRO PACK DISPLAYS: Unlike previous sets, there will only be four versions of the Intro Packs for Mirrodin Besieged (normally, there are five versions). There will be two decks to represent the Mirran faction and two decks for Phyrexia. The displays will still contain ten decks two of each type plus two more selected at random. 

    Prerelease Event: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January 2011
    Launch Party Event: Saturday 5th February 2011
    Game Day Event: Saturday 26th February 2011
    Released and Shipped: Friday 4th February 2011

Condition. Sealed Mint

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