1. Thoughts of the Wind - DOTP Jace Beleren
  2. Thoughts of the Wind - DOTP Jace Beleren

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  • Are you ready to take your Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers experience to another level? Now you can get your favourite Duels of the Planeswalkers decks in your hands, literally!

    Inspired by the decks from the blockbuster Duels ofthe Planeswalkers digital game, these powerful 60-card decks come with a 15-card booster pack, allowing you to customize your deck and take total command of your game.

    This Deck Contains.

    * 2 Air Elemental
    * 4 Cloud Sprite
    * 1 Denizen of the Deep
    * 1 Mahamoti Djinn
    * 1 Phantom Warrior
    * 3 Snapping Drake
    * 2 Thieving Magpie
    * 2 Wall of Spears

    * 2 Boomerang
    * 2 Cancel
    * 1 Counterbore
    * 2 Deluge
    * 3 Essence Scatter
    * 1 Evacuation
    * 2 Kraken's Eye
    * 1 Mind Control
    * 1 Mind Spring
    * 2 Negate
    * 2 Unsummon

    * 25 Island

Condition. Sealed Mint

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