1. MTG - Worcester Friday Night Magic (FNM)
  2. MTG - Worcester Friday Night Magic (FNM)

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Friday Night Magic Worcester UK (FNM) - Every Friday!

MTG - Friday Night Magic Worcester (FNM) - Every Friday!

Schedule & Formats:

1st Friday of month - Modern
2nd Friday of month - Standard
3rd Friday of month - Modern
4th-5th Friday of month - Standard

1. We will run a Booster Draft as and when people want them.
2. Please ALWAYS bring a Standard deck if you have one.


When? - This event takes place every Friday at 7pm.

Shop Opens at - 8am

Registration Starts at - 6:30pm
Registration Ends at - 6:55pm
1st Round Starts at - 7:00pm

Our address is: (Inside Lifestyle Express)
32 Broad Street

Tel. 01905 745 032

We are open between:
8am-11pm Everyday including Bank Holidays!

You can find more information about our upcoming in-store events on our website's Events Page (

Please Facebook us ASAP at (



Entrance - £4 (2 x Booster Packs for Every Player!)

Prize Structure.

1 x Free Booster pack given to each player on registration.


1 x Booster pack put in to the prize pool for each player taking part. Last place will always get a booster pack.

Example Prizes for an 8-man event.

1st - 3 Booster Pack
2nd - 2 Booster Pack
3rd - 1 Booster Pack
4th - 1 Booster Pack

If you finish mid-way (10 or more players) - 1 Booster Pack
Last place finisher - 1 Booster Pack

1 x FNM Promo card for 1st and 2nd Place.


Entrance - £12.00

Prize Structure.

1 x Booster pack given to each player on registration.


1 x Booster pack towards the prize pool for each player taking part. Last place will always get a booster pack.

1 x FNM Promo card for 1st & 2nd Place, plus 1 for a randomly selected player.


The DCI® is giving players in a growing number of countries and stores the opportunity to play in a weekly event and have a shot at cool FOIL prize cards in the process. FNM is designed to keep the play style casual. For example:

FNM events have significantly less impact on players' ratings than most tournaments prize cards are available to participants in other ways than just to the winners and for rules enforcement, the emphasis is on teaching players the correct ways to play.

To make it easier to participate, Friday Night Magic events may be Standard Constructed, Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, or Two-Headed Giant (Standard or Sealed). (Contact the store near you to see what formats are offered.) Keeping these formats makes it easier for new players to participate, and you only have to remember three things: Pack your Standard deck remember where the tournament is happening, and what time it starts.


We will be running side events all day up to 11pm. As soon as enough people sign up for one- we'll run it! Great prize give-aways included as usual.

Whether you are looking for a friendly game or seeking your ultimate duel- Come and join in on the fun at Worcester's premier trading card game tournament centre. Professionally ran events with clued-up fast and friendly staff offering the best prizes.

Do you have any questions or would like to tell us what you're thinking? Please do Let Us Know. Our staff are friendly veteran gamers who will reply to you in a professional manner and as quickly as possible.

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