1. Future Sight Booster Pack
  2. Future Sight Booster Pack

    Model Future Sight
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This item is for a Future Sight Booster Pack.

Collector's Highlights

What does the future hold for Magic the Gathering? Find out on May 4th when Future Sight finalizes the Time Spiral block! Future Sight is said to include Timeshifted cards from future Magic sets. Magic the Gathering is hitting on all cylinders with the Time Spiral block. Planar Chaos was a huge success and Future Sight will continue the trend with new legends, new and returning mechanics, and many nods and homages to Magic's past! Get in on the Future of Magic as it happens. Pre-orders are up and ready to go.

Pre-orders for singles will be available closer to the Future Sight release. Check back for more info as May 4th draws near!

Starting with Time Spiral, there has been a change in how premium cards are distributed. Previously, premium cards replaced a card of the same rarity, so a premium rare would replace a standard rare, a premium uncommon would replace a standard uncommon, and a premium common would replace a standard common. In Time Spiral and in future sets, all rare, uncommon, and common premium cards will replace a standard common instead. It is now possible for there to be two rares in one pack: the standard rare card plus a premium rare (which replaces a standard common).


  • Condition. Sealed Mint
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