1. Avacyn Restored Event Decks - Complete Set
  2. Avacyn Restored Event Decks - Complete Set

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  • Magic's May 2012 set, code-named "Roll," is called Avacyn Restored. Although it's the third set of the Innistrad block, it will be a large set. This means that Innistrad Block Constructed will be composed of all three sets, but Avacyn Restored will be drafted by itself. Sealed events will use six Avacyn Restored booster packs.

    Set Name Avacyn Restored
    Block Set 3 of 3 in the Innistrad block
    Number of Cards 244
    Prerelease Events April 28-29, 2012
    Release Date May 4, 2012
    Launch Weekend May 4-6, 2012
    Game Day May 26-27, 2012
    Pro Tour Avacyn RestoredDates May 11-13, 2012
    Pro Tour Avacyn RestoredLocation Barcelona, Spain
    Pro Tour Avacyn RestoredFormats Swiss:
    • Innistrad Block Constructed
    • Avacyn Restored Draft
    Top 8:
    • Innistrad Block Constructed
    Official Three-Letter Code AVR
    Twitter Hashtag #MTGAVR
    Design Team Brian Tinsman (lead) 
    Mark L. Gottlieb 
    Dave Guskin 
    Kenneth Nagle 
    Bill Rose 
    Mark Rosewater
    Development Team David Humpherys (lead) 
    Mark Globus 
    Dave Guskin 
    Erik Lauer 
    Billy Moreno 
    Matt Sernett


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Condition. Sealed Mint

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