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Storm Watch – Legacy at GP Amsterdam by Silent Requiem

Storm Academy: Building a Better Beast in Legacy by Silent Requiem

The issue under discussion is whether to use Ill-Gotten Gains (IGG) or Past in Flames (PiF) as our primary Storm engine. Yes, I said primary.
Storm Watch – Legacy at GP Amsterdam by Silent Requiem

Storm Watch – Legacy at GP Amsterdam, by Silent Requiem

So, everyone was ready for Storm, and we walked into a meatgrinder. It happens. But what more can we say about the meta?
Storm Academy: Belcher 101 by Silent Requiem

Storm Academy: Belcher 101 by Silent Requiem

  Well, this article has taken much longer than expected. I actually had it finish in draft at the beginning of January, but finding a...

Storm Report: Manaleak Christmas Legacy Tournament by Silent Requiem

On 2nd January the Manaleak hosted its long awaited Christmas special tournament, and there was no way I could miss that. Unlike our usual tournaments, which split the entry fees, this tournament had a number of dual lands up for grabs!

Storm Academy: ANT 101 by Silent Requiem

Ad Nauseam Tendrils (ANT) is, fundamentally, a Blue/Black combo deck that may splash Green or White for additional or alternative disruption.

Storm Academy: Anatomy of a Storm by Silent Requiem

In my last article I talked about the best way to approach becoming a competent Storm pilot. When I wrote that article, I intended to write a follow-up article that provided an overview of the available decks.
red leader 1 star wars mtg

Storm Academy: Becoming a MTG Storm Pilot, by Silent Requiem

Recently I wrote an article aimed at introducing new Legacy players to Storm combo. My experience has been that some Standard players are turned off Legacy by their perception of overpowered, turn 1 combo decks...
mtg storm wallpaper

So, you want to play MTG Storm, by Silent Requiem

Legacy is an amazing format. The card pool is deep and varied, which leads to a rich and diverse metagame; no other format offers the same diversity of viable decks.


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