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World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) Scotland – Modern Zoo Winners Report...

World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) Scotland - Modern Zoo Deck Tech and Winners Report by Grant Hislop I went to Las Vegas last month. I had...

Journey to Somewhere – Boom or Bust Zoo with Ben Heath

Today I'll be showcasing a deck which, although I wouldn't expect to win with it in a PTQ, is certainly a lot of fun whilst maintaining commutativity.

I Ain’t Dun Groving Yet (Modern Magic) – Crucible of Words...

Last week I etched out a rough deck in Modern and ran it through a quick series of matches. This week I'll be doing a similar thing with a different deck, Rock.

Shared Discovery – Control Zoo by Rob Wagner

A lot of people's focus has been on [card]Wild Nacatl[/card] decks as it seems that if you're not playing this guy but you are playing beatdown then you're probably not doing it right.

Shared Discovery – Zoo in Legacy by Rob Wagner

If you're like me and many in the mtgUK chatroom then you like to watch the StarCityGames Open coverage at the weekend. What if there's a deck out there that is good, but unsuccessful - merely because the good players in the coverage don't play it? This deck regularly goldfishes a win on turn 4 and for me has taken 80% match wins.

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