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Theros Beyond Death Visual Spoilers

Humans, Krakens, Satyrs, Goats, and (of course) Indestructible Gods... Theros Beyond Death is entering the world delightfully on theme. Artifacts look to maintain a...

Tribal Matters – War of the Spark set review pt.2: The...

When I’m playing some cheeky casual, you’ll often find me at Commander tables, re-animating zombies and laughing maniacally - one hand to the sky,...

Doncaster 2013 £2000 Legacy Invitational Qualifier Tournament Report By Luke Sabin

So having slowly been drawn back to Magic, a weekend with a bunch of old friends seemed a good idea, Legacy is a format I never explored in my previous Magic career, but not wanting to touch Standard with a barge pole, and not having the cards for Modern, Legacy seemed the obvious choice.

Crucible of Words – That’s ‘Maw Like It by Cyrus Bales

Over the last few weeks, standard has flourished. Thragtusk has found itself playing second fiddle to Thundermaw Hellkite in the form of RB aggro.

Left 4 Dead, the Flavour of Zombies – Journey to Somewhere...

Today I'm talking about an archetype which is one of the rising stars of the current Standard season, which is (in case you didn't read the title) Zombies.

Blue Black Zombies Deck Tech with Richard Parker

Hi guys, in my last article I recounted my Grand Prix Lille experience. Today I will be doing a deck tech on the UB Zombie deck that I won with.

GP Lille 2012 Report: 5Men in a Micra and other antics...

Hello everyone, including my new Scottish following, and welcome to a GP Lille report, the sort of report that I thought I would never write.

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