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Chaff to Champions: Making the most out of bad cards in...

Chaff to Champions: Making the most out of bad cards in Limited Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another 'Know Your Limits'. I've been...

5 Point Plan: Early MTG Deckbuilding by Dave Shedden

5 Point Plan: Early MTG Deckbuilding by Dave Shedden Last time around, fledgling Planeswalkers, I gave you a whistle-stop tour of the Magic world... and...

PTQ Theros and WMCQ 2013 Dates, Info & Schedule

All Pro Tour Friends Qualifiers (PTQ Friends) for the UK & Ireland - Dates are provisional and subject to changes, information gathered from Wizards event locator.

MTG World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) 2013 Dates, Info & Schedule

All WMCQs For the UK - Provisional to changes, information gathered from Wizards event locator.

The Ruination of Spoiler Season – Crucible of Words by Cyrus...

Spoiler season was always a great time to get excited, however spoiler seasons are no longer like that, somewhere along the lines it changed.

Shared Discovery – Stoneforge + Jace is banned by Rob Wagner

Thanks Wizards! Some musings on the recent banning announcement from me and some of my friends.

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21 Reviews
Really great service - from the comprehensive information on the website to the well packaged MTG cards when they arrived. The free cards I received when part of my order was delayed speaks volumes for the customer service Manaleak provides. Just placed my second order, and I'm sure there'll be many more. Thank you.
As I sit here drinking my tea and writing this short review, I look at my (recently used) Chaos Predator tank and reminded myself about my game that was played at Manaleak.com in Birmingham... The exterior is, infact misleading, and upon entering the complex, the interior was as if I entered an office! Climbing up the stairs and following the signs, I finally arrive at Manaleak.com; the place was lovely and spacious, full of refreshments and essentials needed for all sorts of games, be it tabletop or card games! Store manager was pretty cool, allowed me and a friend to play a game of Warhammer 40k (even took photos of the game, swell guys!) but I suppose what has impressed me is their knowledge and awesomeness, as well as the atmosphere - which was pretty cool... Service was pretty good too, I might add! I'd highly recommend Manaleak.com to all sorts of people, even if it’s just a catch up with some friends or (in my case!) battling over tabletop supremacy!!!
Very pleased with order, shipped and arrived promptly. Staff were helpful with the changes I made, and the prices were good. The free rare I got looks interesting as well. The website seemed a bit slow, though.