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Crucible of Words – Valakut the Modern Pinnacle by Cyrus Bales

Hello, for those of you living under a rock, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle has recently been unbanned in modern; so it's time to see how to put the card to use.

Breaking In: My First Time at Nationals – Day 2 by...

I'm now going into the first Draft portion in very high spirits.

Breaking In: My First Time at Nationals – Day 1 by...

For any of you reading this article thinking that it's just not possible to get good enough to go to Nats from where you are, then I'm telling you you're wrong.

Crucible of Words – Standard Through National Events by Cyrus Bales

This weekend saw an incredible event in the standard metagame, two national tournaments (Spain and Germany), both of which had not a single UW Caw-Blade deck in their top 8.

Puerto Rico Top 8 Nationals Report – Part 2 The Deepest...

D-Day is here… “It's Nationals and I am feeling refreshed and ready to kick ass. I have the best deck and practiced enough draf…”

Puerto Rico Top 8 Nationals Report – Part 1 Finding the...

Everytime I'm going to tackle a tournament, I start by writing a list of my favourite decks and archetypes that I think have potential (even in my dreams).

Crucible of Words – What a Difference A Day Makes by...

Indeed, what a difference one day can make in standard, the announcement on the 20th of June means that overnight, type two will change, and as July dawns, the format will be almost a new one.

Bolt for the Win – How not to Top 8 a...

I open the page and looking back at me is Karn Liberated and I thought 'he'll do, he costs 7 as well' :D

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