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Extreme Control in Standard – UW Prison and UW Archive Deck...

Extreme Control in Standard - UW Prison and UW Archive Deck Techs by Mario Ludwinski Back in the days of Urza's Saga, winning Type-2 decks used...

Holding out for a Hero? UW Heroic Deck Tech (Standard Budget)...

Last week I built a Rabbleless red deck for Manaleak’s budget competition (don't panic I can’t enter) and before I settled on a RDW...

Card Numbers In Control Decks – Wisdom Fae Under the Bridge...

This article will focus on the number of given cards in control decks, and it’s worth bearing in mind that combo and aggro both need to be thought about in different terms (both feature a lot more 4s generally, because they’re mostly just trying to be efficient). I’ll include my own deck for tomorrow’s PTQ to illustrate examples.

Wisdom Fae Under the Bridge – Dublin and Manchester PTQ Tournament...

Since I last wrote, I attended the PTQs in Dublin and Manchester. I didn’t win either of them, but I did learn a few things.

Intro Decks to FNM by Mark Pinder

So first FNM of the new season and battle was ready to commence. Whilst I had a few ideas for cards I wanted to add to the deck, I hadn’t really managed to acquire them and decided to run with my core deck to see where improvements could be made.

Modern Testing – Wisdom Fae Under The Bridge with Graeme McIntyre

Modern. I had a tough time of it in this format last year, this year, I’m working with a larger group of people as a result of my performance last year.

Return to Ravnica (RTR) Set Review: White and Azorius with Grant...

Set review for White and Azorious cards in Return to Ravnica.

How to Draft M13 and the Mana Base by Tom Harle

Today i'm going to talk you through a recently m13 8-4 draft and then talk a little bit more about something I touched on last time – limited mana bases and how you can try and affect them during the drafting process.

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