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Of UW and Other Drugs by Chris Fernandez

Hello everybody and welcome to another article by moi. Today we are going to talk about the many flavors of UW Control decks, both in Standard and Extended...

Shared Discovery – Stark UW vs Rietzl WR, the UW perspective...

The Pro Tour finals threw up an interesting matchup where it wasn't completely clear who was favoured - we take a closer look at the strategy Caw-Blade should employ to gain and edge.

Crucible of Words – Setting the Standard by Cyrus Bales

With Pro Tour Paris behind us, we have a wealth on new deck information to take in for standard. Whilst a couple of new archetypes have arisen, there have been some updates to older ones.

UWC at your FNM…. by Dan Stokes

Before I delve into the complexities of my card slinging on friday night I should probably talk to you a little bit about my deck and why I chose it.

Worlds 2010 Day 1 by Dan Gardner

With 21 pro points and being on the national team worlds was a massive tournament for me, firstly because I was in easy reach of level 5 and if I did well enough I could potentially get level 6...

Caw-Go and its Implications in Standard by Dave Baldelli

Squadron Hawk, its a card that has been doing the rounds for a while now seeing play in Boros and WW as a group of guys who can hold big pointy sticks but not before worlds have the flock of birds seen action in control decks.

UW Control Tournament Report by Jonathan Randle

This tournament report then will include my thoughts about my deck along with reports of my matches and the matchups...

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