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UK MTG Magic Calendar

We endeavour to provide as much relevant UK Magic: The Gathering events information as possible, as well as Pro Tours and Grand Prixs.

Tournament Report – UK Nationals 2011 Report – Top 8 Finish,...

As a TO and sometime tournament player it's an interesting balancing act trying to meet the demands of the tournament level players whilst not discouraging the new players who, ultimately, are the long-term lifeblood of the club.

The UK Magic Scene From A Cross Cultural Perspective, by David...

A recent article on Star City Games discussed the current UK Magic scene. I found this an interesting read based on my experiences establishing the Magic scene...

An Exciting New Phyrexian Month

We have a very exciting month ahead of us in May with the release of the latest Magic: The Gathering set - New Phyrexia

UK 2011 National Qualifier Worcester – Saturday 16th April 2011

Event - UK 2011 National Qualifier Worcester - Saturday 16th April 2011 (Please note more information will be added as soon as we have them.)

mtgUK – Together we are better

Our ambition is to provide the Magic community with an open platform to help connect ideas, stories, insights and strategies.

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