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Useful Magic: The Gathering Facebook Groups & Communities

Useful Magic: The Gathering Facebook Groups & Online Communities Hi guys, Below is a list of Magic: The Gathering Facebook groups and online communities that you may find very...

UK Magic: The Gathering Trading Facebook Group & Online Trading Guide,...

A while ago I had joined the UK & Ireland MTG Cards For Sale & Trade group on Facebook but had never really paid that much attention to the group. This was mainly due to not having a trade folder constructed and not really playing much Magic outside meeting up with friends and a few game days.

PTQ Dragon’s Maze UK Dates 2013 (Modern)

PTQ Dragon's Maze UK Dates 2013 (Modern)

The Impact Of The Growth Of Magic: The Gathering For UK...

“Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Or not, let’s see – a critical discussion of the impact of the growth of Magic the Gathering for UK PTQ grinders.”

WMQC – World Magic Cup Qualifier UK Info & Schedule

If you dream of playing in the international World Magic Cup, you'll want to start here. Each selected country will run three World Magic Cup Qualifiers, with the winner of each earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup.

MTG UK Pro Tour Qualifier Schedule for June-August 2012

The locations of the next round of Pro Tour Qualifiers celebrating the release of the first set in the next block, code-named Hook, are now available.

The Ruination of Spoiler Season – Crucible of Words by Cyrus...

Spoiler season was always a great time to get excited, however spoiler seasons are no longer like that, somewhere along the lines it changed.

Pro Tour Barcelona UK Qualifier List 2012

Pro Tour Barcelona UK Qualifer List 2012

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