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Tournament Report & Decklists from Manaleak’s Modern Win-a-Box 12/10/19

Modern has been through a turbulent time the last few months, with Hogaark dominating the MSQ scene, followed by some (mostly) well received B&R...

Beating Standard with Black-Blue Control by Ashley Knox

Blue-Black Control is a deck I've been playing for a while now and despite being underpowered it had positive matchups against some of the...

Pearl Lake Ancient Control Deck Tech by Ashley Knox

At the very start of Khans of Tarkir Standard I played a list similar to Mike Sigrist's Abzan Aggro from the Pro Tour but...

UB Control with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas – By Chris Delo

I love U/B control however, and so I decided that I would change the draw-go deck into a tap-out U/B control deck to deal with the Delver, Ramp and R/G aggro decks I expected to be prevalent.

The Midnight Cowboy – Spread the Sickness with Grant Hislop

I used to live with a professional homosexual gentleman. When I say ‘professional’, I don’t mean that he was really good at it, I mean that he "charged" for it.

Video Meta Testing: UB Control vs UW Delver with Rob Catton...

Hi and welcome to what is hopefully a new feature that Wagz and I will be producing, a series of video testing sessions! These will be for the most relevant format at the time, and seeing as the WMCQ’s are approaching Standard is the format people should be concentrating on.

GP Lille 2012: What to Expect – Crucible of Words by...

This weekend promises a lot of magic action in the form of GP Lille. The GP’s format is going to be Standard and today I’ll be talking about what we can expect for it and go over some of my thought processes leading upto the event.

UB Control Vs Monoblack Infect – KlotzProductions Video Gameplay

Hello everybody, this is Kevin from KlotzProductions and welcome to another Magic the Gathering match. This week we have Tyler Winn playing Ub Control, hes going up against Scudder whos playing Monoblack Infect.

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