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PTQ Dundee Modern Tournament Report by Luke Southworth

I was running a slightly tweaked version of Caleb Durward's UWR Splinter Twin list. It looked great for the meta I'd seen in Manchester, where I managed to ID into 9th with BUG Infect- dodging the terrifying UWR Geist match up and its cocktail of spot removal all the way. This time I wanted to have a ton of 4 toughness guys, the ability to win out of nowhere, but also not to be stuck on a 1 dimensional gameplan which was too easy to hate.

Crucible of Words – What a Difference A Day Makes by...

Indeed, what a difference one day can make in standard, the announcement on the 20th of June means that overnight, type two will change, and as July dawns, the format will be almost a new one.

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