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Beginners Guide to Value Trading with MTG – Trade Secrets with...

A look into how knowledge of price trends in your local area can lead to profitable trading.

Pro Tour Philadelphia: Top 8 Semifinals

Watch the complete semifinals from Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011, which featured the debut of the Modern format. The matchups are Sam Black vs. Josh...

Pro Tour Philadelphia: Day Three Wrap-up

Rich Hagon and Brian David-Marshall put the finishing touches on the first Modern Pro Tour in Magic history. What were the top stories from...

Pro Tour Philadelphia Deck Tech: Project Melira with Lukas Jaklovsky

Lukas Jaklovsky shows off his combo deck anchored by Melira, Sylvok Outcast that allows a player to gain infinite life or deal infinite damage...

Pro Tour Philadelphia: Top 8 Quarterfinals

Watch the complete quarterfinals from Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011, which featured the debut of the Modern format.

Pro Tour Philadelphia: Top 8 Preview

Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall and Statistician Rich Hagon prepare you for the Top 8 of Pro Tour Philadelphia and the debut of the...

Pro Tour Philadelphia: Finals

Watch Samuele Estratti and his Splinter Twin deck battle Josh Utter-Leyton and Counter-Cat Zoo in the Finals of Pro Tour Philadelphia, the first Modern...

Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011: Players to Watch

With more than half the 2011 season in the books and players prepared for the big points available at the Pro Tour, Rich Hagon...

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