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Magic Perspectives – The Oncoming Storm by Crispin Bateman

It’s easy to see why the mechanic was so named. Storm. As clouds gather on the horizon, the air turns dark and tense, signalling the...

Storm & RUG Delver – The Legacy Breakdown by Alex Gershaw...

“Hey, Magic Public, I’m Alex Gershaw. I play in Leeds and mostly (if not exclusively) Legacy.” “I’m Chris Vincent, and I play pretty much all...

Wisdom Fae Under the Bridge – New Modern by Graeme McIntyre

I think the bannings will make a pretty big difference to the format, and that they pose a number of questions, which I will attempt to shed some light on.

SCG Doncaster Super Legacy Invitational Qualifier Tournament Report by Brad Pearce

Meta Games, a Middlesbrough based games store, sanctioned a ‘Super Invitational Qualifier’ last Saturday and Sunday (12th and 13th January) which I attended both days, primarily for the Legacy event

Modern Testing – Wisdom Fae Under The Bridge with Graeme McIntyre

Modern. I had a tough time of it in this format last year, this year, I’m working with a larger group of people as a result of my performance last year.

Crucible of Words – Modernity by Cyrus Bales

So, where to start with Modern? Obviously a gauntlet of the best decks!

RUG Delver: From Legacy to Modern – Crucible of Words with...

Modern is a very interesting format with a lot of decks, and people are often building new decks, or porting old ones from different formats. I decided that whilst I liked the RUG Delver deck that sprung up at the end of last season, I wanted to play something closer to the Legacy version, so I tried to construct a direct port to see if it would work.

Storm Academy: Building a Better Beast in Legacy by Silent Requiem

The issue under discussion is whether to use Ill-Gotten Gains (IGG) or Past in Flames (PiF) as our primary Storm engine. Yes, I said primary.

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