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Of Electronica, UWR Delver Bonfire’s and Unexpected Birthing Pods – Spreading...

Our plan was to get picked up at somewhere around 5am, drive down, Bruno or I to win the PTQ, then go drinking with the stag party.

Antisocial Behaviour with Grixis – Spreading the Sickness with Grant...

They don’t have that concern. I’m not entirely sure how old they are; their drug use has aged them to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were anywhere between 18 and 50.

My Fantasy Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Picks – Spreading the Sickness...

So there’s this application on Facebook. It’s called the Fantasy Pro Tour, and it’s pretty sweet. Basically, everyone picks a squad of cards, and you accrue points based on how often they show up in the winning decks at the Pro Tour.

I’ve got a Flare for tapping out – Spreading the Sickness...

Standard PTQ Season is just about upon us, for those who’re living in the UK, as well as another couple of World Cup Qualifiers, and that’s pretty exciting. As there’s just been a new set released, there’s room for innovation, and those who are able should be able to get an advantage over the field, at least in the early days of the format.

MTG Cube Drafting – Spreading the Sickness with Grant Hislop

You might recall me having referenced my cube during a few of my previous articles. Tu certainly did; he’s asked me to write a little bit about what cube is and cube construction.

Magic Travels and Other Tales – Spreading the Sickness in Lille...

Welcome to part 3 of my travelogue. So far, I’ve covered what happened in Madrid, and the horrors of Morocco. This time, we’ll cover the third, and final leg of the trip, which also includes the GP in Lille.

Spreading the Sickness in Marrakech with Grant Hislop

So last time I wrote, I told you about what I did in Madrid. There was a GP there, and stuff, so it was at least a little bit Magic related. This is going to be different.

Spreading the Sickness in Madrid – by Grant Hislop

I’ve found, for the most part, that reports tend to focus more on game play than what these tournaments actually are for most of us, which is a piss-up in a foreign country, with people you don’t get to see particularly often.

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