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Return to Ravnica Sealed Deck PTQ Dates – Autumn Season 2012

So guys, fresh off the press (so to speak). Here's the PTQ 'Line' Schedule for the Autumn Season 2012. Format for each will Return to Ravnica sealed deck with top 8 Draft. Winners will receive an invite and all the usual stuff to the first Pro Tour of 2013 (location to be announced).

Beginners Guide to Sealed Deck and Booster Draft with Rob Catton

The most important topic I can think of at this point in time is GP Manchester (shocker), and in this article I will try to point out the pitfalls and traps in sealed deck building, and how to quickly assess how to build your deck.

Shared Discovery – Next Level Top 8ing by Rob Wagner

The store in Dundee is run by the excellent Gary Campbell, and consists of four adjacent rooms on a street, only two of which are internally-connected.

Winning Milton Keynes 2011 Sealed Deck PTQ by Fabrizio Anteri

Hi! This article is about my PTQ winning experience on Milton Keynes, and first than all let me introduce myself.

The Horrors of Innistrad #1 – Prerelease Weekend by Laura Dawes

Before I go into my experiences of Innistrad so far, here is one last bonus M12 deck. I wasn't going to write about it, but Rob wanted to see what it was:

An Irishman abroad – Winning the London PTQ for Honolulu by...

Everyone approaches sealed deck building in slightly different ways. If it works for you, then by all means crack on. But if you sometimes struggle to get your head around the information contained in 84 pieces of cardboard then perhaps you'll find a bit of useful information in my approach.

Shared Discovery – One Long Weekend by Rob Wagner

Hi all, how was your pre-release? I've just finished a very long weekend indeed.

Limited Competition – How to Build MTG Sealed Decks by Daniel...

Yes that's right it's Pre-release weekend again and as such I thought I would go through my thoughts on what makes a successful sealed deck.

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