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Left 4 Dead, the Flavour of Zombies – Journey to Somewhere...

Today I'm talking about an archetype which is one of the rising stars of the current Standard season, which is (in case you didn't read the title) Zombies.

Blue Black Zombies Deck Tech with Richard Parker

Hi guys, in my last article I recounted my Grand Prix Lille experience. Today I will be doing a deck tech on the UB Zombie deck that I won with.

Grand Prix Lille 2012 Winners Report by Richard Parker

In the morning we had to walk back to the car (some 3 miles) with almost no sleep and an awful hangover. Unfortunately, there was a freak snowstorm which meant we were walking in about 10cm of snow, in blizzard conditions, Ben was wearing only a jumper which was still wet from the rain the night before.

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