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Paint to Power – The Lord of the Rings by James...

So, it seems like a good time to take some time to do some altering to a theme close to my heart, Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.

Paint to Power: Divining the Weather by James Griffin

I know it's cliched but I've always wanted to do it. The four seasons have been done on many cards before, after all there is four to a playset, so it makes sense.

Paint to Power – Painting New Phyrexia Red – By James...

So before I go any further I should correct a grevious oversight - I promised a picture of me with my new piece of power, and I didn't stump it up.

Paint to Power – Thor of the Hammer by James Griffin

I'm painting my way to the power nine. I'm altering cards (many of them) for people, and taking cash or trades for it.

Paint to Power ‘Genesis’, by James Griffin

What's this? No ‘Altering Commander' column article this week?

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