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Deckmaster: A MTG Variant Format, by Jim Bowie

Earlier today, I unveiled to the world the variant format known as Deckmaster, a game combining the spell-slinging, land-tapping Magic you know and live with deckbuilding games like Dominion or Brian Kibler's more recent hit Ascension

How I got into playing Magic: The Gathering by Josh Bloomfield

A short story of how I got into playing MTG and my first launch party (M12).

The UK Magic Scene From A Cross Cultural Perspective, by David...

A recent article on Star City Games discussed the current UK Magic scene. I found this an interesting read based on my experiences establishing the Magic scene...

Why draft? by Dave Baldelli

As a new draft player it will take time to get good at it, but the feeling of accomplishment is great and the rewards even greater. Being able to feel confident at a draft table (especially when a new set has just come out) is a really good feeling and opens up magic in its entirety.

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