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War of the Spark’s Impact on Modern

Hello! My name is Oliver Law and this is my first article for MTGUK.  By way of a quick introduction, I am a Birmingham-based Magic...

Crucible of Words – A Pretty Standard Affair by Cyrus Bales

The new standard format is here. Fortunately for the purposes of this article, it’s a pretty easy format to break down and examine, with some clear pillars of the format. In this article I’ll go over the key components of the format and what to expect in coming weeks.

Video Meta Testing: UB Control vs UW Delver with Rob Catton...

Hi and welcome to what is hopefully a new feature that Wagz and I will be producing, a series of video testing sessions! These will be for the most relevant format at the time, and seeing as the WMCQ’s are approaching Standard is the format people should be concentrating on.

So you want to get into Legacy? Fact not Fiction with...

About 12 months ago if you'd asked me to write down everything I knew about Legacy I probably could have it fitted it all onto one side of a post-it note. But now...

Breaking In: A Look at our New Modern Format with Andrew...

If you've not yet looked at Modern, or want to start looking at it but don't know where to start, then this article is perfect for you!

Fact not Fiction – Where Next for Modern? By Michael Maxwell

Pro Tour Philadelphia is in the books, and the Modern metagame all over the world will be defined for the next few months by the results from this event.

Spread the Sickness – Modern Part One: The Aggro Decks by...

So, Wizards have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to change the Pro Tour format of Pro Tour Philadelphia from Extended, into Modern. Modern is a new format.

Yo Mama: The Gathering- Super Saiyan Shock by Jim Bowie

This is Mistah Boweh from over at Yo Mama's place, and in today's article I'll be talking about a rogue burn deck that's gone through a whole lot of changes since its original inception.

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