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Shared Discovery – The Pro Tour Metagame? by Rob Wagner

How do you prepare for a new format and what do you think the Pro Tour's metagame will look like?

Who needs enemies: NQ 2011 Tournament Report from Milton Keynes by...

Suppose introductions are in order, my name is David Bevan, I have been playing Magic since just after Magic 2010 was released, and playing competitively since June 2010.

Fact not Fiction – The Winners and Losers from Pro Tour...

The first Pro Tour of the season is in the books, and here I'm going to take a look at 5 cards which you can expect to see a lot of in the coming weeks, and 5 cards that perhaps didn't perform to expectations.

Crucible of Words: Extended in the New Year by Cyrus Bales

A lot of people have been asking me lately, what do I think is the best deck in extended...

Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed – The Metagame, by Grant Hislop

I'd decided to start my constructed MODO adventures with the release of Scars of Mirrodin, having previously only used it as a draft utility.

Digesting Worlds by Cyrus Bales

With the 2010 magic world championships now behind us, we have lots of information to look over and take in.

Shared Discovery – Worlds Extended Metagame Analysis by Rob Wagner

I hope to bring you new content as and when I believe I have something interesting to write about.

11,000 Cards Part 2 by Mark Aylett

So 5 decks down and I could list 50 more, however I am going to give you 5 more decks that you have a good chance of seeing if you are going to a legacy tournament.

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