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How to Win a PTQ – What Works for Me by...

It’s been a while since I did this. Before heading off to Manchester for the PTQ/WMCQ weekender last week, I asked Tu if I could...

Patriot Games Sheffield 2012 PTQ Gatecrash Tournament Report by Matteo Orsini...

Really, I think I actually just wanted to go to Montreal.

How Matt Sperling Could Have Written His Article by Matteo Orsini...

Breaking Down the Hall of Fame Selection committee, by Matt Sperling Matteo Orsini Jones

Meta Testing with Matteo – Tempered Steel vs UW Control by...

For the first of the potential series I decided to run with something that is just about the most accessible deck of the format at the moment.

Drafting With Matteo – NPH Draft 2 with Matteo Orsini Jones

If you'd like to see more block vids (or possibly standard... I might be able to afford it now), then let me know in the comments section.

Drafting With Matteo – NPH Draft 1 with Matteo Orsini Jones

I have a PT in a week and had done 0 full block drafts before today, so I thought I'd get to grinding and, while I'm there, misewell share the process with you guys.

100th Subscription MSS Draft Special with Matteo Orsini Jones

This is just a little something to say thanks for subscribing - I decided to go with the "no creature challenge", where the aim is to draft (and win with) a deck that features precisely zero creatures.

SoM-MBS Sealed Deck 1 with Matteo Orsini Jones

Hi guys, Welcome to my 1st Mirrodin Besieged sealed deck video on mtgUK. Lets see how it goes! Deck Building. I made out in the video that...

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