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Two-Headed Giant (2HG) M12 Sealed Deck with Mark and Sadie

We got together on Saturday morning, waiting to get called for the event! With nearly 130 players the judges called it a 7 round event.

Magic the Gathering – Event Decks Preview by Mark Pinder

The principal of these decks are that you will be able to sit down and play with them immediately in a sanctioned event e.g. FNM as a newer Magic the Gathering player...

Entry Level Magic: A Guide To Your First FNM! by Mark...

Welcome to the world of Constructed Magic, this articles is designed for the fledgling Magic player who wants a deck that is easy to assemble, does not cost the earth and can give them a few victories along the way.

Welcome to the Grimsby Mirrordin Besieged Tournament Report by Mark Pinder

Hi, this is the first Tournament Report for the Grimsby Magic Club on mtgUK and I thought it would be nice to start with a bit of history on the club...

Unconventional Wisdom: Getting into your 1st FNMs by Mark Pinder

What's it like to be a new player, want some tips from someone who has been their and regularly has new players coming through the door ?

Support Your Local Playgroup by Mark Pinder

Magic is a Community, how can we support this community and ensure it continues to thrive.

Pimp My Deck by Mark Pinder

My first foray on mtgUK, this is an article on how to make your constructed deck have something special about it be it Foils, Foreign or just Limited Edition cards.

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