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The Gloom Surgeon: MTG Deck Building Help with Mark Pinder

Welcome to the deck surgery, this will be a new feature for mtgUK where you can send in your FNM deck, we will look over your deck and come back with a revised deck build for you. Predominately I will be writing these articles but that is not to say someone else will don some scrubs and wield a scalpel for your deck.

Intro Decks to FNM – Part 5: The Road to Hell...

Part 5 and we try an alternative white bkue deck for Odric to shine

What have Wizards of the Coast ever done for us? by...

A review of rewards from Wizards over the past year.

Intro Decks to FNM: The long and winding road that is...

Intro Decks to FNM, Tournament Report

MTG Promo Card Guide for 2011 – 2012 with Mark Pinder

As regular readers of my columns are aware I am not adverse to the pimping of decks by using foil and foreign cards, I am a great fan of FNM foils and enjoy adding them to my deck. I thought it would be different to actually review the freebies Wizards have done this year.

Intro Decks to FNM: Further Along the Path to Victory with...

Part two of the series to develop an Intro deck to an FNM deck

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