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M13 Cards you need to own after Return to Ravnica –...

Any competitive player will want a competitive collection to boot - Find out the cards you need to help you build all the good decks.

How to Draft M13 and the Mana Base by Tom Harle

Today i'm going to talk you through a recently m13 8-4 draft and then talk a little bit more about something I touched on last time – limited mana bases and how you can try and affect them during the drafting process.

M13 Drafting Guide: Natural Synergies in Magic 2013 with Tom Harle

Today I want to talk in pretty general terms about the natural synergies that exist between colours in limited.

Time, Money and the M13 Core Set Gamesday – Stablising with...

Chicks dig Death Metal, guys. Let it be known.

Deck Builders Toolkit 2012 (2013 M13 Cards) – Product Review by...

A review of the latest deck builders tool kit M13 2013.

M13 Prerelease Sealed Deck Tournament Report by Mark Pinder

My pre release for M13 experience in Grimsby

Esper Midrange Post M13 – Shared Discovery by Rob Wagner

Today I'm talking about my favourite deck in Standard, it being my favourite because I can't stop winning with it and I like winning :)

M13 2013 Core Set Review – Gold, Artifacts, Lands and TV...

Here we are in the home straight, so we’ll try and keep the momentum. I’ve got something slightly different planned for later in the week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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