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The Horrors of Innistrad #1 – Prerelease Weekend by Laura Dawes

Before I go into my experiences of Innistrad so far, here is one last bonus M12 deck. I wasn't going to write about it, but Rob wanted to see what it was:

Drafting M12 #5 – Sick Drafts with Laura Dawes

I've been able to draft a few times on Magic Online, so I thought I would bring you some of the more fun and interesting drafts I've done in my more lucid evenings.

My journey to the Nationals 2012 – Part 1 with Sadie...

My ultimate dream is to be so good at Magic I get paid to play, but I'm a long way off of that at the moment; so we'll start with a smaller target, GB Nationals 2012.

M12 FNM Sealed – A Painful Quandary with Mark Pinder

M12 FNM Sealed – A Painful Quandary with Mark Pinder

Drafting M12 #4 – Rollercoaster of Success with Laura Dawes

I've been quite a busy girl and have 4 drafts to bring you from the past week and a half. The first two are my Nationals draft decks.

Two-Headed Giant (2HG) M12 Sealed Deck with Mark and Sadie

We got together on Saturday morning, waiting to get called for the event! With nearly 130 players the judges called it a 7 round event.

M12 Draft and a Laugh with the UK All-Stars Jonno, DanG,...

I'm currently having a Nationals testing bootcamp with my brother Marco and former National Champions Dan Gardner and Jonno Randle, this is the result.

Drafting M12 #3 – A whole bunch of drafts with Laura...

It's been a while since my last blog post. Between helping out on a scout camp for a week, testing for Nationals and going to parties I haven't found the time to write about my last few drafts.

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