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Blue Black Zombies Deck Tech with Richard Parker

Hi guys, in my last article I recounted my Grand Prix Lille experience. Today I will be doing a deck tech on the UB Zombie deck that I won with.

Grand Prix Lille 2012 Winners Report by Richard Parker

In the morning we had to walk back to the car (some 3 miles) with almost no sleep and an awful hangover. Unfortunately, there was a freak snowstorm which meant we were walking in about 10cm of snow, in blizzard conditions, Ben was wearing only a jumper which was still wet from the rain the night before.

Magic Travels and Other Tales – Spreading the Sickness in Lille...

Welcome to part 3 of my travelogue. So far, I’ve covered what happened in Madrid, and the horrors of Morocco. This time, we’ll cover the third, and final leg of the trip, which also includes the GP in Lille.

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