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The “Going Pro” Lifestyle by Fabrizio Anteri

Hello everyone, It's been a while since my last article and this time I have the excuse of not having the time to write any. After...

Pro Tour Dark Ascension Results – Spread the Sickness with Grant...

Whew! Well, that was quite a Pro Tour, wasn’t it?

Winning Milton Keynes 2011 Sealed Deck PTQ by Fabrizio Anteri

Hi! This article is about my PTQ winning experience on Milton Keynes, and first than all let me introduce myself.

An Irishman abroad – Winning the London PTQ for Honolulu by...

Everyone approaches sealed deck building in slightly different ways. If it works for you, then by all means crack on. But if you sometimes struggle to get your head around the information contained in 84 pieces of cardboard then perhaps you'll find a bit of useful information in my approach.

2011 Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifiers – PTQ Honolulu Schedule

2011 Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifiers - PTQ Honolulu Schedule

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