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Fact not Fiction – Top 10 cards you didn’t expect to...

I was scrolling through the decklists which accumulated 18 or more points, looking for any decks that were cool or unusual, of which there were a few, when I started noticing a few interesting card choices in some of the more stock decks.

Fact not Fiction – My Return to Ravnica MTG Fantasy Pro...

The Pro Tour is just over a week away, and as with the last two you have the chance to test your metagame prediction skills by playing the MtG Fantasy Pro Tour on Facebook.

Fact not Fiction – Dredging in Modern, by Michael Maxwell

The dredgevine archetype got a massive shot in the arm with the printing of Gravecrawler and Faithless Looting earlier this year. I was impressed in testing by this deck, it has a lot of lines of attack.

Top 10 MTG Card Interactions You Need To Know About In...

I noticed that players were losing games or getting into sticky situations due to not knowing how some of the interactions in the format work, so here I’m going to go over 10 of the most important interactions and how they work rules-wise.

Legacy UW Stoneblade Primer – Fact not Fiction with Michael Maxwell

U/W Stoneblade has, for the better part of a year now, been one of the best performing and most popular decks at the StarCityGames Open Series. The addition of Snapcaster Mage has only made the deck stronger.

So you want to get into Legacy? Fact not Fiction with...

About 12 months ago if you'd asked me to write down everything I knew about Legacy I probably could have it fitted it all onto one side of a post-it note. But now...

Fact not Fiction – Burning Vengeance in Standard by Michael Maxwell

Hi guys, it's been a while since my last article, but that's mostly because I've been having so much fun playing with Burning Vengeance recently.

Fact not Fiction – Where Next for Modern? By Michael Maxwell

Pro Tour Philadelphia is in the books, and the Modern metagame all over the world will be defined for the next few months by the results from this event.

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