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Caw-Go and its Implications in Standard by Dave Baldelli

Squadron Hawk, its a card that has been doing the rounds for a while now seeing play in Boros and WW as a group of guys who can hold big pointy sticks but not before worlds have the flock of birds seen action in control decks.

Video Deck Tech: UW Control with Jono & Dave

Hi guys, and welcome to our latest instalment of Video Deck Tech with Jono and Dave. This week we will be looking at the UW Control deck Jonathan Randle's been working on and planning to take to the Worlds.

Why draft? by Dave Baldelli

As a new draft player it will take time to get good at it, but the feeling of accomplishment is great and the rewards even greater. Being able to feel confident at a draft table (especially when a new set has just come out) is a really good feeling and opens up magic in its entirety.

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