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Initial Thoughts on Innistrad Block Constructed by Tom Harle

This week I want to talk a little bit about Innistrad block constructed. There's going to be another big set out before the format is relevant for the pro tour but it's always good to get a head start on the format and hopefully we can learn something about how best to look at a brand new format.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Gold, Silver and Lands...

While I write this, I'm listening to 96.3 Rock Radio, and you should too. Can't beat a bit of Classic Rock in the afternoon.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Green by Grant Hislop

So, we've done White, Blue, Black and Red so far, and we're getting into the home stretch now. Time to look at some sweet, sweet Green cards. Will there be any good ones? Will the ‘Increasing X' cycle continue to be rubbish? Who knows, let's find out...

Adventures in Pre-Releasing Dark Ascension with Paul Mclachlan

Since the dawn of time, mankind has settled it's problems in one way: the sweaty, violent, greasy, sweaty, disconcerting, unenlightened, sweaty, primal, sweaty, precipitous, greasy, sweaty arena of the Pre-release.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Red by Grant Hislop

This time, to keep in colour wheel order, we'll be looking at the Red cards from Dark Ascension. Same format as before. Hopefully the cards are better here, and we'll have a bit more to talk about.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Black by Grant Hislop

I didn't really expect anyone would actually keep reading this far. I don't really have anything exciting to say in this part.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Blue by Grant Hislop

Same format as before. I'm going to run through the blue cards from the Visual Spoiler, and impart my wisdom/folly to you lucky readers.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – White by Grant Hislop

I'm starting writing this on Monday, the day when the visual spoiler went live on the mothership, but I'd expect it'll take me a few days to complete, so I'm going to endeavour to avoid reading any other set reviews or the like so as to keep my opinions pure

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