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My 2011 GP Barcelona Experience by Dan_G

After deciding to go and then not to go, I just thought f*** it and told Marco I'd be going on the Thursday before the GP.

Worlds 2010 Part 2 by Dan_G

Day 2 draft is always nice because there's never a late scramble for cards or writing down deck lists. Also most people like sharing their 40 card draft decks and how many BOMBS they opened...

Worlds 2010 UK Highlights by News on the Net

A collection of UK related content from the Worlds 2010 in Chiba

Worlds 2010 Day 1 by Dan Gardner

With 21 pro points and being on the national team worlds was a massive tournament for me, firstly because I was in easy reach of level 5 and if I did well enough I could potentially get level 6...

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