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Rules Simplification Project – Part 2: Numbers and Symbols, Section B...

The idea behind this project is to provide people with a simplified version of tricky rules and different examples of cards that appear similar on the surface of things but actually behave differently. As always any project of this nature is there to supplement your study not replace it.

Should I Quit Magic? The Financials of Magic The Gathering –...

Should I Quit Magic? The Financials of Magic The Gathering   Hey, welcome back to what will hopefully be an ongoing series. This week I wanted to...

Magic: The Judging – DLS Episode 4: Costs with David Lyford-Smith

After his trip to the GP in San Jose David goes over his experiences from the event and then cover the topic of Cost and Mana Costs.

Crucible of Words – The State of Design? by Cyrus Bales

In light of the recent “State of Design” article on magicthegathering.com, I’ve decided to take a look at the business decisions of magic.

A beginners guide to being young in Magic by Charles Norman

Just wanted people to understand the challenges a young Magic player goes through, to try and become competitive in an expensive and adult dominated game.

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