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4th Place: My GB Nationals 2011 Experience by Jamie Hannah

Going into the National Championships the format was as wide open as it has been in recent years and I did toy with U/B and Twin but decided both of these were just not where I wanted to be.

The Ivory Tower: Rational Thought in Prisoner’s Dilemma by David Brannon

Prisoner A and B have both been instructed by the FBI, that whoever talks first will receive a lesser prison sentence. If both prisoners talk however...

Shared Discovery – Channel Fireball Cawblade by Rob Wagner

How's your Nats testing going? We look at Channel Fireball's Cawblade list and its significant differences from regular lists.

Puerto Rico Top 8 Nationals Report – Part 1 Finding the...

Everytime I'm going to tackle a tournament, I start by writing a list of my favourite decks and archetypes that I think have potential (even in my dreams).

Fact not Fiction – How to Build a Proper Sideboard by...

Given that over half the games you play at an event are with your sideboard it's astounding how little attention people put into building them.

Shared Journey: Man Of Steel by Ben Heath and Rob Wagner

I had just Top 8'ed my first PTQ, and 'did 4 victory laps around the room, high-fiving everyone!

Avoiding the Scrubout – CawBlade and Dealing With It by Ben...

In my first article since the Grand Prix in Barcelona, I want to talk about one of my favourite decks in the current format. But first, a bit of background history.

Riggers for Dinner – PTQ Philadelphia Top 8 by Neil Rigby

Being my usual incredibly prepared self the Tuesday before the tournament I asked if anyone had a deck I could borrow.

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