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The Issue with Bolas’s Citadel, by Paul Palmer

This just in: from 26th April, Commander is going to be miserable for at least 3 months. Why? This: Why am I expecting Bolas's Citadel to be...

Gatecrash Set Review Part 6/6 – Hybrid, Artifacts and Land by...

Anyway, onwards, through Hybrid, Artifacts and Lands, to conclude the Gatecrash review, before we start thinking about anything else. Hybrid has three of each represented combination, with one common, uncommon and rare for each.

Return to Ravnica (RTR) Set Review: Black and Golgari with Grant...

Set review of Return to Ravnica, focusing on Black and Golgari cards.

Avacyn Restored – Initial Limited Impressions with Tom Harle

I thought I'd just go through my initial thoughts on the format and then highlight some of the more interesting commons and uncommons that caught my eye.

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