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MTG Standard Decks on a Budget by Brodie Abbott

There’s no need to spend so much money. The power level of a deck is not decided by the price tag. This article is my take on budget Standard and I'm hoping to make this a weekly or fortnightly thing. I want to get ideas from the Magic Community and create an article that will help new players get started without having to invest massive amounts of money in decks.

Mono White Humans for Beginners – Holding the Line with Mark...

One of the most difficult times of the year for many players is when we have the October set rotation, what was a finely tuned deck can lose many key components or may even be unplayable after rotation due to key elements leaving the deck. This article discusses the journey taken by my partner Cecile and I, to give Cecile a new deck she could be proud of.

Intro Decks to FNM: The Road to Nowhere by Mark Pinder

Well another week has gone by with the Path to Victory deck including an early run out at FNM...

Beginners Guide – Legacy on a Budget: Mono Colour Madness, by...

Well it's time for me to chip in my two pennies worth again and look at the other end of the Magic spectrum.

Tight Budget Legacy by Brad Pearce

This got me thinking about Legacy and buying cards, the turn off for many players, is that you have to buy cards in one big lump, and that can be pricey.

Shared Discovery – Budget Commons Suggestions by Rob Wagner

I hope you've all heard about our fantastic deck designing competition (mtgUK - Design a Deck 2011)! The idea is to show that competitive decks can be built on a budget of only £60 (plus free basic lands) and I think it is certainly possible to do so. I'm happy to bring you a list of cards I believe you should be looking at for either deck inspiration or simply as great value!

Entry Level Magic: A Guide To Your First FNM! by Mark...

Welcome to the world of Constructed Magic, this articles is designed for the fledgling Magic player who wants a deck that is easy to assemble, does not cost the earth and can give them a few victories along the way.

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