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4 Great Pauper Decks To Try Out For Under £30, by...

4 Great Pauper Decks To Try Out For Under £30 So let’s talk about Pauper. Pauper, for those who are not familiar, is an official Magic...

Mana Mind – Queensberry Rules: Modern Times by Brad Pearce

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the new “eternal” format 'Modern'.

Mana Mind – Proposing a format: Planescape by Brad Pearce

I love Magic and I really like dipping into new formats, so I decided to try and create a format that would fill a void.

Just for Thrum with Brad Pearce

So today's deck is working more on the 'ignore them' lets perform the perfect [insert ability]. That's what Dredge does after all, or indeed 'The Perfect Storm'.

Fun Deck Idea, Just for Beginners, Just For Fun by Brad...

Everyone has a friend that says, “I only play casual, I don't want to play against a tournament deck!” I can now reply, “Yeah fine, how do you feel about Rolf Harris?”

Tight Budget Legacy by Brad Pearce

This got me thinking about Legacy and buying cards, the turn off for many players, is that you have to buy cards in one big lump, and that can be pricey.

Painting Legacy – Grinding at Manaleak by Brad Pearce

When I got to the tournament I got talking to everyone there, and the atmosphere was terrific (If your reading this and you haven't played at Manaleak in Worchester, go!)

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