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Crucible of Words – Valakut the Modern Pinnacle by Cyrus Bales

Hello, for those of you living under a rock, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle has recently been unbanned in modern; so it's time to see how to put the card to use.

Return to Ravnica (RTR) Set Review: Blue and Izzet with Grant...

Grant Hislop's set review of Return to Ravnica. This time focusing on Blue and Izzet cards.

Return to Ravnica (RTR) Set Review: White and Azorius with Grant...

Set review for White and Azorious cards in Return to Ravnica.

M13 2013 Core Set Review – Blue by Grant Hislop

The last time we spoke, I told you what I thought of the White cards in M13. In a shocking twist, that I’m sure you didn’t expect, this time I’m going to tell you what I think about the blue ones. I’m sure you can’t wait.

Avacyn Restored MTG Set Review – Blue by Grant Hislop

Last time, I covered the White cards of Avacyn Restored. I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised. While the average CMC of the cards seemed pretty high, the cards looked pretty sweet. I generally quite enjoy 3x Large set limited formats, and hopefully this one will be no different.

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Blue by Grant Hislop

Same format as before. I'm going to run through the blue cards from the Visual Spoiler, and impart my wisdom/folly to you lucky readers.

Counterspells – A Little Bit of Arrogance Goes a Long Way...

The hardest skill to master when piloting a counterspell deck is to objectively assess the game state and work out what you should counter.

Crucible of Words – Modern Day Lightning by Cyrus Bales

This week, I'll be sharing a homebrew Modern deck with you. Since Modern is the next PTQ season.

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