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Top 8 Decklists for 2013 PTQ Theros (Standard) at Patriot Games...

Congratulations to Luke Southworth for winning the Patriot Games PTQ Theros on Saturday and Paul Calver for coming 2nd, with great coverage provided by Meta GamesLive. Special congrats for another recording breaking PTQ turnout, 198 Players - Well done to the organisers and everyone who took part!

On the matter of Hexproof by Luke Southworth

Today I'm going to write about the standard Bant Hexproof deck that played out a mirror match in the final of GP Atlantic City, and the hexproof mechanic in general.

Bant in Modern – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner

Hi all, so the GP has been and gone and some changes have come to Modern format. In particular the decks which placed 1st and 3rd are of interest.

Cilit Bant! – Bant! and the PTQ was won by Daniel...

I guess it started a few weeks before the PTQ Nottingham when a few friends went to an extended event in Manchester. I was kind of fixed on the idea for Bant as it had Rafiq and Finest hour.

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