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Exploring Pioneer, by Andrew Quinn

2019 is almost over. With the huge overhaul of organised play, the introduction of Arena and the printing of more ban worthy cards than...

MTG BAN LIST UPDATES APRIL 2017 – Manaleak.com Weekly Newsletter

MTG April 2017 Ban List Announcements, and Upcoming Events This Week Hi everyone! Amonkhet is HERE! And now the prerelease weekend is over and Amonkhet is mere...

An order against Show and Tell by Eduardo Sajgalik

An order against Show and Tell by Eduardo Sajgalik A story of Succession Let’s talk about a little known card from Commander 2013 called Order of...

1v1 Duel Commander Banlist

1v1 Duel Commander Banlist You might also be interested in our Beginner's Guide To Magic: The Gathering Duel Commander And Everything You Need To Know article...

Crucible of Words – Ban List Speculation by Cyrus Bales

The ban lists for magic were last updated in September, so we are roughly due for one in the next month or so. This week I'll take a quick look over what I think could/should change and why/why not in Standard, Legacy and Modern.

Crucible of Words – Modern from the Inside Out by Cyrus...

Wizards coverage and metagame breakdown doesn't quite reflect the true nature of the format.

Fact not Fiction – Breaking Modern by Michael Maxwell

What I do want to talk about is which cards AREN'T on the list. I'm going to take a look at cards that they might have banned but didn't and see if we can start doing anything broken.

To the Future By Sam Southworth-Barlow

What will the ban enlist on MTG future.

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