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How do You Solve a Problem Like Eldrazi? – Draw 4 Podcast Episode 10

How do You Solve a Problem Like Eldrazi? - Draw 4 Podcast Episode 10 Join us in Episode 10 of Draw 4 Podcast! Draw 4 is a Magic: The Gathering podcast that seeks to engage players of...
Animate Dead mtg

Nicol Bolas Chromium Reanimator – Old School Magic Combo by Christopher Cooper

Nicol Bolas Chromium Reanimator: How Silly Can We Get in Old School Magic?  A lot of Old School decks are very fair. There are your control decks that seek to gain card advantage through Jayemdae Tomes...
Chaos Orb

Old School Magic Deck Tech: Tron, by Christopher Cooper

Old School Magic Deck Tech: Tron One way people can break into new formats is by taking a deck familiar in one format and porting it into another. Big mana artifact decks are always popular,...
Rod Smith's pet deck for the format - Mono Black Control

Old School Magic – Getting into the Format on a Budget by Christopher Cooper

Old School Magic - Getting into the Format on a Budget by Christopher Cooper A few weeks ago I wrote a compendium for resources on Old School Magic. I have received some requests since on...
Pieces of Cardboard Or pieces of Artwork to be respected in their own right

UK Old School Magic: The Gathering – The Beginnings of a Format, by Rod...

UK Old School Magic: The Gathering - The Beginnings of a Format, by Rod Smith If you're like me and you love the Eternal formats Vintage and Legacy, this is a very exciting time to...
Everything you need to know about Old School Magic Cooper

The Great Big Compendium of Old School Magic Knowledge by Christopher Cooper

Everything you need to know about Old School Magic: The Gathering by Christopher Cooper A while ago, just before the mtgUK Eternal Weekend, I did a mini-series of one-stop resources for the Eternal formats: Modern, Legacy and...


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Where do I start? I have never come across customer service as good as Manaleak's before. The gentleman who was helping me, James, was brilliantly accommodating, dealing with all my problems quickly and efficiently. I must have asked for a dozen or so amendments to my order as I changed my priorities and they were all dealt with with a swift 'No problem'. Despite all these changes, order was shipped promptly and arrived safe and sound, despite this being the New year period. Can't recommend Manaleak enough and will be sure to be ordering from them again!
Amazing! I literally cannot fault them. I had a restock request sorted within 2 weeks, with a card I know is difficult to get hold of, wonderful people here at mana leak :-) always helpful. I've used them many times and will chose them over all other outlets for amazing pro, service and quick shipping/email reply!! Thank you Mana leak x
I've ordered a few times from Manaleak now. I find that they have a good level of stock in and that it's very well priced. More importantly than that though, for me, is the ease of use of the website. It works flawlessly on mobile and in a browser. It lets you search or 'tutor' for the cards individually, or with the deck builder - which allows you to search for scores of cards at a time, sorted however you like. Finally, I've been in touch with the guys there about two of my orders, once explaining that I needed to get delivery for an upcoming game, who not only replied quickly, but fast-tracked the order for me to be able to play! Great set-up, will be using again, and again.