How To Guide – Contributor Duties & Formatting Content

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Fill in Your Profile.

Before you start. Please make sure that your profile is filled in and you have an avatar. This information will be displayed to the public alongside all your work.

Comment Approval.

When logged in, please check the Comments Pending area to see if there are any comments pending for approval. Please click “spam” on any spam comments and approve all others.

Hangout in mtgUK Chat.

Contributors are encouraged to use the mtgUK Chat room along with other contributors and players. This will help develop your insight and understanding of what is going on in the UK Magic scene and metagame.

Share, Like and Comment.

Contributors are encourage to Facebook Share, Like and Comment as much as possible on their own work and other articles on the website. This will help condition UK Magic players to start talking to each other more and share information. Communication is the foundation of our community.

Formatting Content.

Content Title.

When creating a title for your content, please end it with “by your full name here”. So for example “How to play Magic by Richard Garfield”.

Editing Mode.

When creating your content please make sure that you have selected the “Visual” tab on the top right-hand-side and not “HTML” tab unless you are planning to write in HTML.

Adding Images & White Spacing, make it look pretty.

Please try to insert images into the article when ever you can and use many shorter paragraphs as oppose to one long paragraph. This will help visually expand the idea you are trying to put across to the reader and help make your work easier to digest. You can find this button on the top of your editing bar, “Upload/Insert”.

Add Videos.

Whenever possible, please try to embed videos into your articles. Use it as a tool to help further elaborate your ideas, decks, tournament experiences and so on. Please do not hesitate to ask for help in the mtgUK chat room if you are unsure on how to do this and we will walk through it with you, or do it for you.


Remember to tag your content approriately including your full name as one of the tags. Tags are keywords which help tell the user and other computers what your article is all about.


This should contain one sentence summarising your content.

Adding card images.

Please click on the link below for instructions on how to insert cards images for deck lists and card lists.


Please try to link off-site entities when ever possible. If you are referring to a person/player then please try to link to their Facebook page, this will help connect content and players within the community.

Happy writing!

Jonathan Randle

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